Monday, April 28, 2008

The Second Last Post

Hi all. I'll post this just in case you haven't noticed this.

Ricky wrote in his This Side of the Truth blog that Karl Pilkington has agreed to doing one special podcast sometime in the future.

So, because of this project (probably in spite of it), there will be more Karl. That's good news!

Have you remembered to visit The Pilkington Files comic strip?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The last post to this blog.

By now, all of you must have heard the news. Karl will not be doing any more podcasts. It is a sad day. You can read the announcement from Ricky's blog.

Updating this blog has been fun. And to be honest, I did not think it was going to last for a long time, but it was great while it lasted. However, this blog will remain online. So you can come back and remember the time when people from all over the world joined in on a fun project, all because of their shared love to Karl Pilkington, everybody's favorite Mancunian!

Reunions and comebacks happen all the time so even though Karl has said no to more podcasts, let's not give up hope. I hope we are not looking at an "ABBA situation". And if you feel really bad, it is good to remember this: It was only a podcast! (but a really good one).

I remember that in one podcast there was talk about different dimensions. There must be a dimension where Karl's decision not to do more podcasts actually is the end of the world. We should be grateful for not living in that dimension. :)

Thanks to everybody who has been reading, sending email and especially the people who took time to take put up the posters and sent the pictures to be published on the blog. And of course thanks to Ricky for coming up with the idea in the first place. We're all sorry it didn't work out. And best of luck to Ricky with the new movie, I am looking forward to seeing it. And probably before that, seeing the standup tour in New York this summer.

And all the best to Karl Pilkington. I will buy the new book once it is out. Hopefully that will help you pay your bills ;)

That's all from me. Take care and I hope everyone has a great summer!

The Karl Pilkington Poster Project in numbers:

#186 posters all over the world in 5 continents. (Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia)

28,876 visits.

15,269 unique visitors.

59,907 page views.

Visitors from 91 countries.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

Update: I would still like to see how the Pilkington Files comic ends, and I think I'm not alone.

Last poster, #187: Sydney, Australia

Sadly, this poster will be the last one of this campaign. Thanks to Katherine.


Poster #186: Leamington, ON, Canada

Debbie from Canada wrote: "This poster was put up at the Leamington Marina and the tourist information booth. Both highly trafficked areas."


Poster #185: Vermillion, SD, USA

Ryan wrote: "Karl is very popular in the Midwest of the United States."


Poster #184: Fenway Park, Boston, USA

Craig sent in this photo from Boston.


Poster #183: Atlanta, USA

Matt sent this pic of friend sabotage.


Posters on the world map

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