Monday, April 21, 2008

The last post to this blog.

By now, all of you must have heard the news. Karl will not be doing any more podcasts. It is a sad day. You can read the announcement from Ricky's blog.

Updating this blog has been fun. And to be honest, I did not think it was going to last for a long time, but it was great while it lasted. However, this blog will remain online. So you can come back and remember the time when people from all over the world joined in on a fun project, all because of their shared love to Karl Pilkington, everybody's favorite Mancunian!

Reunions and comebacks happen all the time so even though Karl has said no to more podcasts, let's not give up hope. I hope we are not looking at an "ABBA situation". And if you feel really bad, it is good to remember this: It was only a podcast! (but a really good one).

I remember that in one podcast there was talk about different dimensions. There must be a dimension where Karl's decision not to do more podcasts actually is the end of the world. We should be grateful for not living in that dimension. :)

Thanks to everybody who has been reading, sending email and especially the people who took time to take put up the posters and sent the pictures to be published on the blog. And of course thanks to Ricky for coming up with the idea in the first place. We're all sorry it didn't work out. And best of luck to Ricky with the new movie, I am looking forward to seeing it. And probably before that, seeing the standup tour in New York this summer.

And all the best to Karl Pilkington. I will buy the new book once it is out. Hopefully that will help you pay your bills ;)

That's all from me. Take care and I hope everyone has a great summer!

The Karl Pilkington Poster Project in numbers:

#186 posters all over the world in 5 continents. (Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia)

28,876 visits.

15,269 unique visitors.

59,907 page views.

Visitors from 91 countries.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

Update: I would still like to see how the Pilkington Files comic ends, and I think I'm not alone.


peter said...

it´s a shame, i just had the poster printed as a sticker, so i was going to post it all over prague. what am i supossed to do with them now? i have hundreds - any suggestions?

anyway, it´s a shame, because it was fun and it´s a shame it didn´t convince karl to do one last show.

well done petteri for starting this blog, it made my mornings last month or so.

well done ricky, you did nothing wrong, except making one orange head famous... well too famous may be.

shame on you karl, because without ricky´s support you´re just another village idiot. without more work you´ll be soon forgotten. and that´s pitty. nobody will be interested in your podcast in year or two, when you decide to do it. say hello to auntie nora.

cheers to all monkey news fans from all around the world.

johnny said...

i dont think he will be forgotten! Im sure mr. pilkington will keep on coming up with great stuff in the future too!

good luck, Karl!

we love you.

Andreas said...

This was a wonderful project and a great site put up by Petteri, I loved watching the Google map to see the Globe being filled up with the blue tags.

Thanks to Ricky for taking time out of his busy (well, not really) schedule to write what might be the best blog ever. Is there anything that Ricky Gervais can't do?

And... thanks to Karl... for "just talking and letting his mouth come up with stuff". I think everyone would be happy to pay for a final podcast, it certainly doesn't need to be free.

Anonymous said...

true. i'd pay for it too :)

Anonymous said...

great initiative!! I put up a poster today in Copenhagen and was just about to mail it in, when the news broke... dammit.. well done Petteri :)

Anonymous said...

shame on karl!

guess he's too big for radio now, hopefully i will see him around manchester, give a load of fucking abuse about his orange shaped head.

well done for the blog, shame it's suddenly lost it's charm, when karl ceases to be the loveable fool, and now a money grabbing buffoon on the same level as jade goody.


Sarah said...

Somebody needs to keep this site going or start another one. Clearly it's getting to Karl which is EXACTLY why it needs to keep going.

Karl Popper said...

Thanks to Petteri for this initiative.

Thanks to Ricky for keeping us updated and for opening our eyes and ears to the One and Only Karl Pilkington.

And thanks to Karl for being the funniest man in Britain. The fanbase in here seems to suggest that his humour is truly global (Funniest man in the world?). Hope to hear or see you again.

robbie said...

I have mixed feelings, as do feel angry that he has sort of sold out. But never the less I do love him, and would still love to meet him for a chat. Although I don't think I want to listen to the old stuff again now though, because you just sort of think what's the point.

Petteri said...

thanks for your kind words! this has surely been the funniest thing I've ever been a part of online.

Anonymous said...

I would pay almost anything for one final send off....:(

Alexander said...

Something is amiss...surely Ricky isn't giving up? I mean, RICKY GERVAIS!?!? The man who humiliates his nearest and dearest friends and they love him for it? The man who can insult his best mate and be thanked for it?

I don't know what's going. I can only hope this is some kind of joke.

Kimbahley said...

Excellent work everybody who put up posters around the globe. If you still have them, you can still put them up for 'old time's sake'. Not like Karl will ever know anyway, but the fans certainly appreciate it.

This has been an excellent campaign me lads!

V said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Steve Merchant says about it all. Maybe Ricky and Steve can team up together and bully him into it. I wonder if he realizes how dumb his decision is and that he would have profited much more on levels much higher than money had he agreed to do another one. Boo, Karl. Boo.

S said...

Why is everyone talking like Karl is dead?
I don't like giving up, so I don't think I am going to accept this. Karl WILL speak again, and Ricky WILL laugh maniacally at whatever he says, and we WILL LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!

Keep your spirits up, he's will come around.

Darlene said...

Thanks for the blog, Petteri.

It would've been good to have one more podcast (not the least because I've listened to the other ones so many times). Perhaps Karl has got other reasons for not doing it (if you love something you'll do it for nothing, I reckon).

In the end, it's his choice.

Karl, you've got a head like a fucking orange. I still love you, but like lots of fans, I'm feeling a bit sad today.

emily said...

i don't get it karl. what is so hard about sitting around with a couple of friends and talking drivel for a half hour?

Jillian said...

I would GLADLY pay for a podcast, as I'm sure your die-hard fans would as well! I say we all pool together and send emails, letters what-have-you that will let Karl know that we would be SOOO willing to pay for one final send-off.

Ricky - you're a fucking genius... you masterminded this whole poster campaign (which was brilliant) and the posters will still be hung with pride to honour the world's roundest head. If Karl lets you talk to him again, tell him we would pay for the podcast! Once more - for old time's sake!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel as though Frodo just fell into the fire at Mount Doom.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that it's over - I'm just waiting for Ricky's next blog post "of course we haven't given up! Just giving the Manc twat a false sense of security!".

Living in hope :)

Anonymous said...

karls too media for us now...would rather hang around with mark camode than do a 30 podcast...oh dear, you and will self got too many things to do...

well your an idiot, ricky and steve made you, as did we!!!
thanks for the big fuck off to your fans!

dont even deserve the abuse...

heds shaped like a pound coin!!! funny that!

Anonymous said...

I've had a brain wave! As a disappointed RSK fan, I feel empty, but a certain hope has filled me. I'm a student in manchester, and perhaps the second most obtuse thing in this city is the Beetham Tower,_Manchester

Now, what if, with the permissions of all those living within the beetham tower, we erected a giant poster demanding that karl bring back the nonsense. We map out the facade of the tower, so that each resident displays a small section of the poster within their premises. Surely there must be a rich local business person, who adores Karl's drivel as much as we all clearly do, that might finance this project. Come on K-fans we mustn't be deterred by this setback. Clearly Ricky has been threatened with violence by boxer boy, and so it is up to us, a loyal fanbase to take up this charge.


Andreas said...

Bless his round little head, the new blog entry from Ricky is opening up for a potential reunion. And of course we'll pay.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the end of the third season their final podcast? And then they did the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas specials? And then that was the last one... And then the bonus podcasts from the Fame special came.

If we get a final podcast, we'll all just clam for a reunion podcast. I want one as much as everyone else but we shouldn't be trashing Karl, he has a right to feel that the podcast has run its course.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the end of the third season their final podcast? And then they did the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas specials? And then that was the last one... And then the bonus podcasts from the Fame special came.

If we get a final podcast, we'll all just clam for a reunion podcast. I want one as much as everyone else but we shouldn't be trashing Karl, he has a right to feel that the podcast has run its course.

Anonymous said...

haha it's worked a barage of insults about karl has changed his mind, good lad, hopefully one last show to send him off into the big bad world...

i would still like to see him in manchester...because he's got a head like a fucking orange, going to hang around the body worlds!

as most will say karl, we are more than willing to shell out a few pennys for pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Entry No. 31 - extra

Karl saw the blog and was a bit worried how the past week's events came across.

He wants me to point out that he doesn't do things solely for the money but, because he "isn't in the same boat as me", he does need to get paid for his time.

The good news is, he is talking to me again and even said he has not ruled out a reunion podcast in the the future.

Thanks for winding down the campaign and for being so supportive.

Cheers, Ricky.

P.S. He really does have a head like a fucking orange.

Anonymous said...

Pilkington is starring in this little animated video - or if he isn't, he should be suing over intellectual property rights! You can't just make a cartoon where the main character has a head like a fucking orange and get away with it!

Joshua Hardaker

Troubled Wizard said...

Just checked out Ricky's latest entry and here's one of his statements:

"The good news is, he is talking to me again and even said he has not ruled out a reunion podcast in the the future."

Not over yet!

maggie said...

i just printed my poster the other day too!

reckon i'll still put it up, sorry Karl.

Melf. said...

I put up a poster on the day the news broke, sadly. It was only in the college library, and I decided to keep it up, but it got ripped down yesterday.

It's all very disappointing, but we should keep our chins up. Including the XFM shows, I have about three days worth of utter shite to keep me going. In the words of Ricky, about four years ago - I'm a KP Nut.

Barry said...

Karl, Steve and Ricky are back in the "Guide to..." series!

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