Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Pilkington Files - A New Karl Comic!

Owen Dunne is a cartoonist, and he has decided to do his bit by starting up a new comic strip dedicated to Karl. It’s called “The Pilkington Files.” Owen says he'll be publishing a new strip Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

Go here to see the strip:

Let's hope he keeps coming up with great stuff like the first one!

Ricky has posted a new quiz to his blog. Ricky had been criticized by me and others for the easiness of the first quiz. Rightfully so, because it was ridiculously easy. Again, let's see answers in the comments.

1. What would Karl do if he was a slug?
2. What would Karl do if he was a beetle?
3. What would Karl do if he was a maggot in a spider?


Laurence said...

1. Chuck himself into the salt pot.

2. Try and fit in n that.

3. Just try n sleep. Because there's nowt else to do, innit?

Chris Carra said...

Please join the Karl Pilkington Poster Campaign on Facebook. We're really gathering speed now. Help spread the word! There are 70members so far, we need 1000's more. Just click and join! Thanks... an' that...

Andreas said...

Just brilliant comic strip. I certainly look forward to more of the inner workings of The High Council.

mrmongoose said...

( i didn't read the other comments so not cheating :P )

1. throw himself into the salt pot

2. work and act like a beatle

3. sleep

Petteri said...

Come on Ricky. Your quizzes are way too easy.

Anonymous said...

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