Sunday, April 13, 2008

Poster #136: Prague, Czech Republic

Karl´s poster on the same wall, that promotes biggest bowling and
billiard center in Prague. Think about the sport with more balls
involved, than bowling or billiard - now another rounded object has
been added - Karl´s lazy head!

Karl at Prague´s main square - it´s the most busy area in this city,
so Karl should be spotted by a lot´s of tourists. When I was putting
those up, some Scottish lads were passing by and they laughed.

Picture of Karl at Prague´s main train station. It looks a bit rough,
so Manc twat can feel like at home there.

These were all taken by Peter from Prague. Many thanks!



Anonymous said...

it´s a czech republic, not chech... anyway, good work!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see some posters in Prague! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Nice job. I almost thought I was the only one in CZ who knows about the orange headed twat Karl Pilkoids.

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