Thursday, April 10, 2008

The campaign is working.

From Ricky's blog:

Entry No. 23

"I cannot believe the effort you guys have put in. (Particularly the new video appeal by Ross and the big poster. More of those please.)

Well it's working.

Not only did Karl politely request I call the campaign off today, but he's thinking about doing a special one off show as part of a special event.

I can't tell you about that yet but I just wanted to say "We shall never surrender."

I say the same, until there is a confirmation of new podcasts, the campaign will go on. So keep those photos coming in and think big when you do them.

Maybe do something like I've mentioned before. Or even better, come up with something extraordinary nobody thought of before.


Chris said...

Please join the Karl Pilkington poster campaign on Facebook. Just help spread the word. There are only 14 members so far, we need thousands more. Just click and join! Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for Ricky. When you start casting your new movie "Men from the pru" why not use YouTube in the casting process?

As far as I know it has not been done before on YouTube and would garantee you some new and interesting faces and of course a lot of free publicity! Surely it would be easy to just ask for people to submit their performances on a short scene you would give lines on your website etc.

Just an idea.

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