Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poster #174: Honolulu, HI, USA

Devin from Honolulu writes:

"It's official. The phenomenon has come full circle - through the
pacific ocean. This might probably be as far away from England as it
gets. Nowhere more remote, thats for sure. However, we must not forget
what this innocuous poster represents...

-- no matter where you go in the world, across oceans and through
cultures, there are people who, not only share Karl's values and
ideals, but care enough to go out and proudly spread the message just
for one last 30 minutes of escaping our hectic everyday lives, and
reveling in the charming simplicity that is Karl's mind.

It is a beautiful irony that Karl's outlook on life may not be as crazy
as it seems when compared to some of the insanity that is ever present
in all of our lives around the world; and that's why we all love
listening to him.

This is my tribute to the most unprecedented, widespread, cultural icon
of this generation whose fame is global and is based solely the shape
of his head."

Well said. If I were Karl, I'd cry after reading that. This poster is very far from the other posters. Could it actually be the loneliest Karl in the world? That makes me a little sad too.


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