Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poster #132: Manchester, UK

These were spotted by Oliver. His comment: "These were seen on the floor of a number 142 bus on Oxford Road in Manchester England. They were scattered about the upper deck of the bus. I was interested so I looked up the name and have discovered the spherical world of Karl Pilkington and I must agree that he has a head like a fucking orange!!!"



Chris Carra said...

It just occured to me...

We've postered the world

We've spammed with Karl related reviews

We've set up numerous internet groups

We've told everyone we can about the little bald orange-headed...fff

So I hope the next Podcasts (if Karl is convinced to do them) are free... I'd hate to campaign for something I have to PAY for! Karl doesn't need any more cash!

Just a thought...


Laurence said...

Some new Pilkoid questions from Thicky. Still too easy:

1. What would Karl do if he was a slug?
2. What would Karl do if he was a beetle?
3. What would Karl do if he was a maggot in a spider?

1. Chuck himself into the salt pot.

2. Try and fit in n that.

3. Just try n sleep. Because there's nothing else to do, innit?

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