Saturday, April 12, 2008

Poster #129: Great Boughton, Chester, UK

This one is from Josh in Chester. He writes: "poster made and put up by Josh Richards, since putting it up ive had many people ask me who karl pilkington is, i was shocked to find out how many people didnt so i feel i have done my bit and educated those around me."

Sorry for not posting your pics in little while, but I've been busy getting drunk and now having a hangover.

Ricky posted a few questions to Karl lovers in his blog. Here they are, let's see answers in the comments:

1. Why wouldn't Karl donate his eyes?
2. Why does Karl's dad like telephone boxes?
3. Why doesn't Karl self examine his testicles?

Easy questions for true fans.

There's even a Facebook group set up by Chris, join it if you're on Facebook.


Andreas said...


1. Because the little manc twat doesn't want to be a blind ghost after he dies.

2. Because of his thievin manc ways he likes stealing food from poor old women and the like, food that the local shop so nicely puts there over weekends. He wont see any Twix lying around in there though, serves him right...

3. Because he doesn't like the feel of his little kumquats...

Andreas said...

I would like to correct myself on the first question, it should of course say:

"the little bald manc twat"

Jim Harwood said...

1. What would Karl do if he was a slug? Throw himself into the salt pot!
2. What would Karl do if he was a beetle? "just watch, like"
3. What would Karl do if he was a maggot in a spider? Try and sleep!

Ricky if you are reading this, I think you need to slap that bald manc into doing more podcasts. I think I know every xfm show and podcast inside out now and need fresh entartainment.


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