Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poster #162: Fredrikstad, Norway

Emilie from Norway writes: "Well, my name is Emilie, I'm 18 from Norway. I just have to say i REAAALLY miss the podcasts! And I put a poster up on my school the other day! Don't know if people know who karl is, but i do! I must say school is funnier now, cause everytime I'm going to the cantine i see the little boldie head!"


The poster is in a city called Fredrikstad. Now that I come to think about this, there is a town called Karlstad in Sweden. Karl's city. Is he an honorary citizen? If not, he should be. And give him the keys to the city as well. Anyone from Karlstad reading this blog? Put a poster up.

Here's Karlstad in Google maps and the city's official site. On the site they claim that Karlstad is "the city of sunshine". Of course it is. A nice vacation spot if Suzanne just spots it and takes Karl there.

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Anonymous said...

Fellow fan! My name Is Kristian, and I'm from Aalesund! (also in Norway) This post inspired me to put up a poster on my company-car! In a week now, every carpenter in møre og romsdal will know who karl is!! Make more podcasts, I listen to it every single day at work, and i am getting a litte sick of the old shows, now that I have heard them a million times, about, 5-6 hours a day for as long as i can remeber.....MORE MORE MORE!!

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