Thursday, April 10, 2008

Poster #107: Somewhere in the US

Where is Karl in this picture? I don't see him.

Matt who took it writes: "At first I thought it was over kill, but, naw. I mean I can't tell where he is anymore in this shot. Can you? By the way. My name is Matt. I'm a chef, and I'm thinking that I'm going to make a dish after Karl. Something like "Orange Mank Chicken" or "Dilkington Salad". Who knows. Needs some work yet."

I'd order a dish called Orange Manc Chicken.

Brings an idea into mind: Anyone from Orange County or near there reading? Could the name of the county be officially change to Head Like a Fucking Orange County for a day? At least some pictures from OC would be great.

You could have a whole line of products too. For example "Head Like a Fucking Orange Juice." Who is the first to desing a package and a logo for that? I will post it to the blog if you do it. Make it look cool. And round.

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