Friday, April 18, 2008

This Side of the Truth

I guess a lot of readers of this blog also read Ricky's This Side of the Truth blog. I like to read it too, it is updated almost daily and you get a nice inside look at how the movie is made. Nerf guns seem to be very important. l like them almost as much as I like waterguns.

This idea was already mentioned in some comments: Wouldn't it be great to see the Karl poster appear somewhere in the final cut of the movie? It would. And we all know who can make it happen.

What else would be cool to see in the DVD extras of This Side of the Truth? Post your ideas to the comments. I don't think Mr. Gervais has run or will ever run out of ideas, but the readers might come up with funny stuff.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

minidocumentary about the pilkington-poster project would be a great easter egg. it should be hard to find from the dvd.

V said...

- Documentary on the making of the movie
- Karl cameo
- Steve and Ricky and Barry one sey
- Outtakes
- Commentary by Ricky and Karl

Anonymous said...

ricky, karl and steve commentary would be a great idea. not a podcast, but a lot like one..

Anonymous said...

Yes, an RSK commentary track for This Side of the Truth would be perfect!

Ricky could admire his acting abilities, Steve could tell anecdotes about lies he's told to women, and Karl could puzzle away about whether his doppelganger could lie to him or not...

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