Sunday, April 13, 2008

Number #2 in Google

I just did Google search for "worlds roundest head".

See the result.

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Let's see what happens. When searching for "worlds roundest head" the name Karl Pilkington should be the first search result.

In his blog, Ricky came up with thought of making a list of all the people Karl has insulted. Use the comments for the list. It's going to be a long one.


Andreas said...

Well, Suzanne, his girlfriend would rank number one I think...

Anonymous said...

Chinese people. Asian people in general.

Anonymous said...

lanky goggle eyed freaks

Anonymous said...

the gays: "well... they do go out late"

Anonymous said...

Karl: "a bit of a.. a bit of a.... and no offence to 'er.. a bit of a Pauline Quirk"

*Ricky explodes with laughter*

Ricky: "I knew you were going to say Pauline Quirk"

Anonymous said...

I remember something about a woman who he said looked like Bo Selecta. I think she complained in a newspaper about him.

KARL said...

what about karls neighbour (as a kid) the bog standard old woman who lived her life very bog standardly and when she died her spirit was whizzing around karls room

Andreas said...

He's been slagging off Ricky's cat a whole lot too, to be honest it looks ridiculous and the massaging should definitely cease at once.

mrmongoose said...

The disabled i believe he said about why they should show it on tv and they couldn't get a rally going. Aswell as generally using the word " little fella " or " little sports " etc to desribe them... Lol

Also didn't he call some woman a bog standard old lady..

Lol ... what a legend

Chris Carra said...

Midgets / vertically challenged people. Stephen Hawking. Jellyfish.

One more thing for everyone: come and join the Official Karl Poster Project group on Facebook.

There are about 70 of us so far and we share some good photos and stories about Karl. And we spread the word! The most important thing... an' that.

Cheers, Chris

Jens said...


Nudists (especially those who sit in white chairs)

Noah ("If anything like i said he didn't do us a favour, he saved too much. You can't move out there for stuff")

Hendertron said...

Eskimos/Inuits. Karl thinks that some bacteria has better lives than them.

Oh dear.

Flo said...

Forrest Gump fellas

Chris said...

At one point did he say something about choping up Princess Dianna's body so that more people would be able to have a look at it?

I can't remember if it was Dianna or the Queen Mum.

I do remember that Karl and his Dad thought the flower companies were behind Diana's death.

Laurence said...

It was both the Mum and Diana. Standing around just waiting wasn't efficent enough.

mrmongoose said...

Old People

When talking about the " 98 " year old woman i think he said

" just let her die... "

Now if you are an old person listening thats pretty offensive lol

mrmongoose said...


Steve - " karl would you like to be American "

Karl - " Nah , they got on me nervs "

Steve - " a whole nation there reduced.."

mrmongoose said...

The Germans...

Karl " if a french woman started talking to me i would say i don't know what you are talkin' about love , but it sounds good. Whereas a german woman i would go ooffh.. but it might be really nice stuff.. thats what i mean.

Ricky " well thats sort of a prejudice really innit"

Steve " in a sense its racist "

Karl " nah not really "

Anonymous said...

Everyone he grew up with (the man with the eyelids, the rough family with the horse in the house, etc)
Clive Owen.
Russian saints.
Samuel Pepys.
Anthropologists, historians, biologists...

Darlene said...


The "Papa" people.

Australians (we don't live at the bottom of a big rock).


By the way, a pigeon did its business on the poster I put up (there was a little bit of poo on Karl's cheek) and then someone pulled it down.

Anonymous said...

little fellas

Emily said...


he should have been making tele!

Anonymous said...

On identical twins - "You always get a little snidey one."

from pilkipedia

emily said...

anyone with a semblance of intelligence

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