Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poster #151: Rome, Italy

Federica and Adam from Rome write: "Here are a few pictures of the K-man poster plastered on top of some political posters in Rome. People had a hard time choosing the lesser evil in the election today (so they just went with the greater evil in the end), but we think that, given the evidence, we can all agree that Karl's head is perfectly round.

But we also thought that, in fairness, Ricky deserved a poster of his own. So we made one for him, celebrating his accomplishment of being (in the words of Stephen Merchant) "The most annoying person ever (in the history of all things)." The last part wouldn't fit on the poster."

Wonder what Ricky thinks of that poster? I like it.



Anonymous said...

I think there also needs to be a "Stephen Merchant is as tall as a giraffe" poster as well.

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT idea! Let's see those posters up too!

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