Monday, April 28, 2008

The Second Last Post

Hi all. I'll post this just in case you haven't noticed this.

Ricky wrote in his This Side of the Truth blog that Karl Pilkington has agreed to doing one special podcast sometime in the future.

So, because of this project (probably in spite of it), there will be more Karl. That's good news!

Have you remembered to visit The Pilkington Files comic strip?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The last post to this blog.

By now, all of you must have heard the news. Karl will not be doing any more podcasts. It is a sad day. You can read the announcement from Ricky's blog.

Updating this blog has been fun. And to be honest, I did not think it was going to last for a long time, but it was great while it lasted. However, this blog will remain online. So you can come back and remember the time when people from all over the world joined in on a fun project, all because of their shared love to Karl Pilkington, everybody's favorite Mancunian!

Reunions and comebacks happen all the time so even though Karl has said no to more podcasts, let's not give up hope. I hope we are not looking at an "ABBA situation". And if you feel really bad, it is good to remember this: It was only a podcast! (but a really good one).

I remember that in one podcast there was talk about different dimensions. There must be a dimension where Karl's decision not to do more podcasts actually is the end of the world. We should be grateful for not living in that dimension. :)

Thanks to everybody who has been reading, sending email and especially the people who took time to take put up the posters and sent the pictures to be published on the blog. And of course thanks to Ricky for coming up with the idea in the first place. We're all sorry it didn't work out. And best of luck to Ricky with the new movie, I am looking forward to seeing it. And probably before that, seeing the standup tour in New York this summer.

And all the best to Karl Pilkington. I will buy the new book once it is out. Hopefully that will help you pay your bills ;)

That's all from me. Take care and I hope everyone has a great summer!

The Karl Pilkington Poster Project in numbers:

#186 posters all over the world in 5 continents. (Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia)

28,876 visits.

15,269 unique visitors.

59,907 page views.

Visitors from 91 countries.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.

Update: I would still like to see how the Pilkington Files comic ends, and I think I'm not alone.

Last poster, #187: Sydney, Australia

Sadly, this poster will be the last one of this campaign. Thanks to Katherine.


Poster #186: Leamington, ON, Canada

Debbie from Canada wrote: "This poster was put up at the Leamington Marina and the tourist information booth. Both highly trafficked areas."


Poster #185: Vermillion, SD, USA

Ryan wrote: "Karl is very popular in the Midwest of the United States."


Poster #184: Fenway Park, Boston, USA

Craig sent in this photo from Boston.


Poster #183: Atlanta, USA

Matt sent this pic of friend sabotage.


Poster #182: Alcatraz, San Francisco, USA

Darren sent in these posters from San Francisco.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Poster #181: Sheffield, UK

Wes put up this in Sheffield. Nice.


Poster #180: Lyngby, Denmark

Thanks to Sandra and Kat for their effort putting up these posters!


Poster #179: Seaside Heights, NJ, USA

Corey writes: " It would do Mr. Dilkington well to visit this place. Not only is it a lovely little resort town with some great beaches (where I'm sure he would have fun sitting in the sand, bothering the crabs), but there's also a lot of weird stuff an' that. Case in point-- walking home from the boardwalk after putting up the poster, I saw a guy gardening with a chainsaw.
True story."


Poster #178: Upminster, Essex, UK

Thanks to Simon for sending this photo.


The Sad Story of Silvo & Yourtuk

A heartbreaking documentary film by Owen Dunne, the guy behind The Pilkington Files. If seeing this video won't make Karl do more podcasts, I do not know what will.

Poster #177: Perth, Australia

Malcolm wrote: "It's every mad scientist's dream - a cross between an emu and shaven monkey, and powered by oranges. Guaranteed to scare a horse out of your house."


Poster #176: Düsseldorf, Germany

Chris writes: "Below is a picture of me in the city of Duesseldorf Germany in the old city with my favorite round headed manc twat! You can see me in the picture in front of a poster advertising an art exhibit for Duesseldorf's old Duke--Jan Wellem. And next to those two bald heads, the orange headed idiot Karl Pilkington (OK Jan isn't bald, but that is probably a wig!)"


Poster #175: Winston-Salem, NC, USA

Vicki wrote: "I put this poster up in the golf shop for all of the golfers to enjoy. I think there are bacteria that have better lives than Karl."


Karl on the BBC website

BBC website hijacked to spread the word. Look at the entry at 2107. Jamie, nice work.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poster #174: Honolulu, HI, USA

Devin from Honolulu writes:

"It's official. The phenomenon has come full circle - through the
pacific ocean. This might probably be as far away from England as it
gets. Nowhere more remote, thats for sure. However, we must not forget
what this innocuous poster represents...

-- no matter where you go in the world, across oceans and through
cultures, there are people who, not only share Karl's values and
ideals, but care enough to go out and proudly spread the message just
for one last 30 minutes of escaping our hectic everyday lives, and
reveling in the charming simplicity that is Karl's mind.

It is a beautiful irony that Karl's outlook on life may not be as crazy
as it seems when compared to some of the insanity that is ever present
in all of our lives around the world; and that's why we all love
listening to him.

This is my tribute to the most unprecedented, widespread, cultural icon
of this generation whose fame is global and is based solely the shape
of his head."

Well said. If I were Karl, I'd cry after reading that. This poster is very far from the other posters. Could it actually be the loneliest Karl in the world? That makes me a little sad too.


Poster #173: Lund, Sweden

Jesper writes: "At the mathematical centre in Sweden; University of Lund, Karl is the main subject. Classes are dismissed, lecturers and professors argue about the perfectly spherical thing that is Karl Pilkington's head, as it's the roundest thing they've ever seen. Even IKEA's founder Ingvar Kamprad have noticed it's freakishly shape, and has put Karl's picture outside his own design centre, saying to his employees: "When I say I want it round, I want it as round as this!"

Great to see the first poster from Lund. Having visited the city many times, I think that it is one of my favorite places in Sweden.


Potser #172: San Francisco, CA, USA

David from SF wrote: "I put up 10 posters total on the front and back of five light poles, so people can see Karl's bald Manc head greeting them or wishing farewell at the end of the day."


Friday, April 18, 2008

This Side of the Truth

I guess a lot of readers of this blog also read Ricky's This Side of the Truth blog. I like to read it too, it is updated almost daily and you get a nice inside look at how the movie is made. Nerf guns seem to be very important. l like them almost as much as I like waterguns.

This idea was already mentioned in some comments: Wouldn't it be great to see the Karl poster appear somewhere in the final cut of the movie? It would. And we all know who can make it happen.

What else would be cool to see in the DVD extras of This Side of the Truth? Post your ideas to the comments. I don't think Mr. Gervais has run or will ever run out of ideas, but the readers might come up with funny stuff.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Karl Strikes Back!

Terrifying ultimatum video from Karl. Ross, you're a genius.

Poster #171: New York City, USA

George writes: "I have the privilege of a wonderful view from my office on 14th Street in New York City. The only way to make it better is to add the world's roundest head."

You said it!


Poster #170: Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Canada

Jamie's story: "We were asking this peahen if she'd seen Karl as if he were a missing man. Honest to God, she started walking back to where the gorillas are in the zoo. I had a very good laugh at that."

Me too.


Poster #169: Surrey, England

John from Surrey sent this familiar orange in.


Poster #168: Berkeley, CA, USA

Thanks to Jonathan and Anand for this photo!


Poster #167: Cardiff, Wales

Iestyn from Cardiff put up a poster. Good work.


Poster #166: Jupiter, FL, USA

William wrote: "Karl on a palm tree outside my house in sunny, tropical South Florida. Karl probably wouldn't like it here given the lightning and tornadoes an' that."

And if the place is called Jupiter, Karl has finally visited another planet.


Poster #165: Melbourne, Australia

Peter sent in these photos from Melbourne. Thanks!


The Pilkington Files #4

Another one from Owen. Read it here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Poster #164: Tielt, Belgium

Stefaan writes: "This is a picture of my car with Karl's poster on it. I've been driving it around for as much as I can to - like a prophet - let the Belgian people get to know Karl. I sure hope he is going to do more than just one last podcast..."


I know what you mean Stefaan. Although one podcast is better than no podcasts, I'd still like to hear more than one podcast.

Poster #163: Boston, MA, USA

Claire writes: "Karl was lounging in the warm weather on Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A."


Poster #162: Fredrikstad, Norway

Emilie from Norway writes: "Well, my name is Emilie, I'm 18 from Norway. I just have to say i REAAALLY miss the podcasts! And I put a poster up on my school the other day! Don't know if people know who karl is, but i do! I must say school is funnier now, cause everytime I'm going to the cantine i see the little boldie head!"


The poster is in a city called Fredrikstad. Now that I come to think about this, there is a town called Karlstad in Sweden. Karl's city. Is he an honorary citizen? If not, he should be. And give him the keys to the city as well. Anyone from Karlstad reading this blog? Put a poster up.

Here's Karlstad in Google maps and the city's official site. On the site they claim that Karlstad is "the city of sunshine". Of course it is. A nice vacation spot if Suzanne just spots it and takes Karl there.

Poster #161: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Bruno from Philadelphia writes: "I'm glad to report that the Phillies did win in dramatic fashion at the end of the game. It was brilliant. I will from now on be taking Karl with me to each game I go to as a lucky charm."


Poster #160: Ann Arbor, MI, USA

All these posters were put up by Doug from Ann Arbor. Admirable enthusiasm!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poster #159: Decatur, GA, USA

John from Decatur writes: "The poster is located at a small community park outside Atlanta … the ball-playing youths no doubt confused now by two round objects on the pitch (three, counting the sunflower).

Also, last Halloween I used a simple Karl cutout guide to carve our pumpkins. Naturally, the head fits perfectly on the orange surface."


Poster #158: Edinburgh, Scotland

Thanks to George, who climbed up Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh to take this one.


Lost in translation #2

Lots of translations already for the sentence "Karl Pilkington has got a head like a fucking orange." Thanks to everyone who took their time for this most important of tasks. :)

If yor language or dialect is missing, add it to the comments.

Finnish: "Karl Pilkingtonin pää on ihan kuin vitun appelsiini."

Swedish: Karl Pilkington har ett huvud som en jävla apelsin.

Danish: "Karl Pilkingtons hoved er rundt som en fucking appelsin!"

German: "Karl Pilkington hat einen Kopf wie eine verfickte Orange."

Croatian: "Karl Pilkington ima glavu poput jebene narance."

Los Angelian: "Like, Karl Pilkington totally has a head like a fucking orange, dude."

Northern Irish: "Aw mate he has a head like a fucking orange like, so he does..."

Gaelic: "Tá ceann Karl Pilkington ar nó oráiste."

Spanish: "Karl Pilkington tiene la cabeza como una naranja de mierda."

Australian: "That Pilko bloke's got a head like a fuckin' orange mate!"

Latin: "Karl Pilkingtoni caput modi arangium futuens habe."

Dutch: "Karl Pilkington heeft een hoofd als een fucking sinaasappel!"

Czech: "Karl Pilkington má hlavu jako zasranej pomeranč."

French: "Karl Pilkington a une tête comme une orange de merde."

Icelandic: "Karl Pilkington er með höfuð eins og andskotans appelsína."

Norwegian: "Karl Pilkington har et hode som en jævla appelsin!"

Poster #157: Portimão, Portugal

Paul sent in the first poster from Portugal. Nice.


Poster #156: Calgary Zoo, Canada (MONKEYS!)

Jamie writes: "The DeBrazza's Monkey look pretty shocked at how round Karl's baldy head is.
Or perhaps he thinks it's an orange. I found it amusing that Karl's bald head is round like the Gorilla's ass too."


The Pilkington Files #3

Owen has published yet another strip in the saga that is "The Pilkington Files". Be sure to read it at

And good work with the translations, the sentence is now translated into 13 languages/dialects. More needed!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lost in translation

This blog has readers from all over the world. Last time I checked, there had been visitors from 91 countries in little under two weeks.

I thought it would be funny and interesting to use this opportunity to translate an important sentence into different languages.

Translate this into your own language and post it to the comments (remember to mention the language):

"Karl Pilkington has got a head like a fucking orange."

Poster #155: Bogotá, Columbia

Sandra Patrizia from Columbia joins the poster project. She the first one to do so from South America! Great.


Poster #154: Knowsley, UK

Adam writes: "I answered the door to the postman today, who simply nodded towards the poster and said "It is quite round, isn't it?". I laughed a lot."

Great to hear of these "encounters of the Karl kind" happening.


Posters on the world map

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