Friday, April 4, 2008

10 ideas for posters

Thought about new ideas for posters. Take a look and make them happen if you have too much time and nothing else to do.

1) Find a chimp, give the poster to it and take picture. Let the monkey keep the poster.

2) Use 100 posters to cover a whole wall with Karl's head.

3) Make a few Karl masks, put them on and drive around in a car. Take pictures.

4) Take the poster with you in a huge sports event, try to get the cameraman's attention.

5) Go to your local bookstore. Find Karl's books. Slip posters inside the book. Take pictures.

6) Print the poster 100 times the size of A4. Put in a crowded place. Take pictures. Think big!

7) Tape the poster to the outside of buses, trams, local trains. Take pictures.

8) Find a round object. Place the poster next to it. Feel the roundness. Take a picture.

9) If you own a projector, project the poster image to a place where the people are. This would look great when it's dark. Take pictures.

10) Glue (or use tape) the picture of Karl's face to all the wheels of your car. Take pictures.

Just a few ideas. You're all creative people, let's see what you can come up with. Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if someone did number three. Did that thing where people get married on the big screen but just have you holding up a massive one of those posters. That would be so fucking extraordinary.

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I say number three. I meant four.

Posters on the world map

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