Monday, April 7, 2008

Do your bit!

Repost of the picture Ricky sent (poster #45). He has done his bit, so have many more. Your turn to do your bit!

1. No posters yet from China. Can anyone fix that? Preferably an elderly chinaman or a chinaman woman in the picture, holding the poster.

2. Picture of an old man eating a Twix and holding the poster. Surely you have grandfathers who wouldn't mind helping?

3. What a about an elderly chinaman, holding the poster and eating a Twix? Now that would be something.

4. No posters from Africa either. There have been visitors from Tanzania, South Africa and Egypt, maybe one of you could do you bit?

5. South America, no posters there either. The world is waiting.

Read more about Twix. It used to be called Raider in Finland. I liked it better when it was called Raider. If it were still called that, would it appeal better to the +60 yrs demographic?


Anonymous said...

I call for more radical action, Surely the trick is to also have a mass boycott of Karls book and a campaign to seed the podcasts for free all over the internet.

Ricky and Steve can afford it and it will make monkey boy think about his real estate business

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a chinaman or chinaman woman being scruted whilst holding the poster? 'Cos you know how famously inscrutable they are.

Posters on the world map

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