Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Make these happen, people!

Here a few tasks that I would like to see someone do. Who will be the first one to complete one?

1) Visit a zoo, give the poster to a chimp. Take photos and video of its reaction.

2) Travel to China, give the poster and a Twix to an elderly chinaman and take a picture. Or just go to your local Chinatown (or a novelty street) and do the same.

3) Go to Lanzarote, visit the volcanoes and take a picture of yourself holding the poster on top of the volcano.

4) Take the poster underwater, preferably near a jellyfish. Take a picture.

5) Get a group of friends together. Form the text "KARL" of the group and take a photo from above. 20 people should do it, maybe even less. That would be cool. This one would be easy to do at schools or universities.

6) This is a long shot but why not say it out loud. Find Rebecca De Mornay, tell her about Karl's movie idea, maybe she would then agree to have her picture taken with the poster. I can't say where to find her, but I'd guess LA. Don't act like stalker though.. Haven't seen her in any movies in ages but I have to say, I like her kind of "evil beauty". And that's a compliment.

And just a little wish to all the people visiting: Please, do not send me mails or ideas that you would like to be forwarded to Ricky. Ricky just happened to notice the blog and linked to it in his own blog. In other words: we are not mailing and calling each other all the time. I think it is just Jonathan Ross he does that with. That's an unnatural friendship, by the way, isn't it?

But I think Ricky reads this blog quite often, so if you want to get your message through to him, why not post your links and messages to the comments of blog posts? They are open to everyone. Cheers!


Rick said...

you need to get intouch with justin lee collins. im sure he would be up for those tasks

emily said...

ricky, if you are reading this, please show this amazing blog i found to stephen merchant:

Chris said...

Please join the Karl Pilkington poster campaign on Facebook. Just help spread the word. There are only two members so far, we need thousands more. Just click and join!

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