Thursday, April 3, 2008

Poster # 6: Chester, England

In this poster some creative colouring work by Grant! Muchos gracias!

Exact location.


Anonymous said...

brilliant :-D


GO! Smell the flowers said...

Well us flower smellers here in Doobye may consider going viral with a roundhead at the Burj al arab...


Group hug anyone?

Anonymous said...

I was gonna put a poster up somewhere in chester, is this poster up by the markets?

Petteri said...

this one was in grants office so go ahead and put one up somewhere else in Chester..

Grant said...

To anon in Chester.

This poster is up in Chester Enterprise Centre so feel free to put one up in the market!

Kevin said...

Nice one Grant! I haven't lived in Chester for years but noticed it was the enterprise center.

I worked there for Coldseal windows, for all of about 2 weeks :D

Great colouring in job.

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