Thursday, April 3, 2008

The blog got Gervais'd.

Hi and good morning to all from sunny yet chilly Helsinki.

Good news. Seems that the news traveled fast to New England where Ricky is filming his new movie "This Side of The Truth". Ricky wrote about this blog on his own Karl-blog, read the entry.

Thanks Ricky! But I am a little worried about what will become of the movie if this website is the thing you are most interested in... On the other hand, what would be better than having a bunch of Hollywood A-list actors waiting on the set while Ricky is browsing through posters of Karl.

Or what about seeing a headline like this on the paper: "Gervais quits movie production to spend more time on the internet looking at posters of a round-headed Manc". Might happen.

A few other things:

1) Let's see more photos!

2) Location that needs immediate attention: Lanzarote. The airport, the volcanoes. Just to be safe

Keep up the good and very important work all over the world. I see this leading somewhere, now that Ricky knows about the blog, it is only a matter of time when Karl visits the site. Let us send a clear message out to him: You can run, but you can't hide.

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