Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Poster #2: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA!

Another Pilkington-poster, this one is from Minneapolis, USA. Thanks go out to Patrick!

Exact location.

More needed, use those printers and cameraphones!


Mastercard Marxist said...

Good work! Gervais has given you a cheeky mention ;)

Darlster said...

Cool poster and cool blog.

Mind you, I was in the lift the other day and saw a bloke with a much rounder head than Karl's (that's Karl and not Graham or Mike Hunt for those know-nothing dweebs out there).

This bloke's head sort of jutted out at the back. He also had not much hair. I guess it's a tribute to how important Karl has become that I immediately thought of KP upon seeing this chap (although I feel bad that whenever I now see a little person I immediately say “midget” to myself).

Karl, if you ever should read this: Do more podcasts and please come to Australia. You can pitch a tent in my backyard. There's an old backyard dunny with rubbish in it, so that should make you feel right at home (dunny is what we used to call toilets in Australia, by the way).

Oh, and also I love the interview Karl did with Howard on the Fame DVD. It really touched my heart because Howard is obviously a lonely man, and Karl didn't make fun of him or disrespect him (like Ricky would've done).

Props to Suzanne, who must be the most patient women on earth.

Darlster said...

Oh and I've just printed out the poster and it will be seen on a certain street in Melbourne later today (photo to follow).

windycorner said...

Good work! To make this a worldwide effort, how about everyone who has an existing blog add the poster as a permanent feature in their sidebar. It can include a link to this blog and so everyone can check out what the fuss is all about. Come on , Karl! We think you're great and want to hear more of what's going on in your head.

Jillian said...

What about a facebook app??? That'd be amazing... kudos on the cheeky mention!

Ana Milena said...

The Facebook idea seems appealing!!!

Wow, Little Pilkington's taking America!

It's cool to know that, not only Brits, but also lots of people around the world are looking forward to having fresh podcasts this year.

We want more Podcasts! We want Ricky, Steve and Little Karl back!!! :)

Jimmy said...

I go to the U of M, and I saw that poster last week and didn't think anything of it, but I just started listening to the podcasts, and now I plan on posting a bunch of those myself.

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